November 25, 2012

2nd Grade - OCEAN!!!

LESSON - Day 1/2/3 - Ocean Animal Riddle

  • Choose your favorite ocean animal from National Geographic's Creature Features.
  • We will use Comic Life to create the ocean riddle.
  • On the first page of the project, write a riddle (without mentioning the animal's name) that describes your ocean animal.
  • On the second page, import the animal's picture and the map of where it lives. 
  • You will format the font and style of your text, and the page backgrounds!
LESSON - Day 4 - Ocean Habitats
LESSON - Day 5 - Draw an Ocean Animal
  • Today you will learn how to log into Kerpoof using our KCD account!
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to use all of the fancy pens to create your drawing.
  • You will pick an ocean animal to draw, and you need to give him a name!
    • Reading comprehension
    • Writing
    • Science
    • Art

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