March 19, 2013

2nd Grade - Weather

LESSON - Day 1
  • Students will watch the BrainPOP Jr movie - "Seasons"
  • Students will go to Kerpoof and create a picture and write about their favorite season.

LESSON - Day 2
  • Students will watch the BrainPOP Jr movie - "Water Cycle"
  • Using Kerpoof, students will draw and label the parts of the water cycle.
LESSON - Day 3
  • Students will log into BrainPOP Jr. and complete the "Write About It" activity!
LESSON - Day 4
  • Students will become weather reporters on EdHeads!
  • Students must complete "Report the Weather" and pass each level.
  • Once they have passed "Report the Weather," students must complete "Predict the Weather."
  • Watch "Temperature" on BrainPOP Jr. to learn how to use a thermometer. 
    • Science
    • Writing
    • Art

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