February 12, 2013

4th Grade - WANTED Snowman!

Mrs. Marek's Class

Mr. Blair's Class

Ms. Stephen's Class

Mrs. Kennedy's Class

LESSON - Day 1-2
  • Students will a newspaper article on a a criminal snowman who committed some crime!
  • You will use Google Docs Presentation to write your article.
LESSON - Day 3-4
  • Students will create a drawing of the snowman using Kerpoof.
  • Export your drawing as a .jpg.
    LESSON - Day 5
    • Students will create the WANTED poster using ComicLife.
    • Export your poster as a .jpg.
     LESSON - Day 6-7
    • Students will import the WANTED poster into their Google Docs Presentation.
    • Students will share their posters and articles!
    • Writing - Creative/Informational/Newspaper
    • Art
    • ComicLife
    • Google Docs
    • Google Chrome

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